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Running a business involves countless tasks and responsibilities that are not necessarily related to the activities that generate revenue. Trying to get a good pulse of the company and keep things under close supervision, some business owners decide to develop the departments that will deal with such tasks in-house.

In the cases of CRM and marketing, which both have a very close and organic tie to the core company activities, that might be a good idea. Tasks like accounting, on the other hand, paint an entirely different picture.

So, let us take a look at a couple of compelling reasons you should outsource this activity and leave taxes to the professionals.

A wealth of experience gives birth to efficiency

First and foremost, we have to point out the fact that trained professionals with years of experience in the field are far more efficient and perform their accounting tasks. For instance, a recent survey says that the average business owner needs at least 8.8 hours for preparing and filing taxes. That time can only be observed as lost productivity. On the other hand, experienced accounting professionals can complete the same set of activities in only two hours. Looking at this matter from the per-hour-expense perspective, hiring a professional accountant looks like a much better option in comparison.

Good bookkeeping is necessary for stable growth

Small businesses deal with relatively simple tax regulations. But, as we are all aware, the goal of every company is to grow and expand, and this type of scaling requires good accounting infrastructure and a crystal-clean tax record. It is obvious how hired professionals lean into the latter requirement we just mentioned. In terms of scaling and growth, leaving accounting and similar tasks to the third party gives you the freedom to put your focus on market research, expansion, recruitment, and all other activities that are more closely related to the core of your business operations.

Good knowledge of federal and state laws

This is yet another topic that is closely related to growth and expansion. Namely, federal countries like the US and Australia feature separate sets of federal and state laws that may not always be in tune in some small but nevertheless important details. With that in mind, accounting professionals with good knowledge of local regulations can be of tremendous value if you are expanding to some new territory or even abroad. So, if you are, for instance, planning to expand to New South Wales, Australia, looking for an experienced accountant in Sydney is a good place to start.

Accounting expertise saves you money

Or, we could put it this – sloppy accounting is a giant waste. Although small accounting errors here and there may sound menial enough, the recent survey says that as much as 52% of small business owners feel like their company is overpaying taxes each year. That's half of the entire business sector. Furthermore, back in 2013, IRS was able to collect as much as $7 billion in civil penalties stemming from common tax and accounting errors. We can all agree that this money could be much better spent in some other, more productive areas.

Less stress at the workplace

Last but not least, we have to mention that accounting, filing tax reports, and similar duties can cause a lot of stress, frustration, and as a result occasional mistakes if they are performed by inexperienced business owners or untrained staff. Since all these people are involved in other company activities as well, you are running a risk of letting this frustration and stress spillover from the accounting office all over the other facets of your organization. Moving these tasks outside your premises and leaving them to trained professionals who will be able to perform them without much hassle seems like a much more viable idea.

We hope these five reasons gave you enough of an incentive to consider hiring experienced accounting help. Your company can allow itself occasional mistakes in one area or another –tax reports don’t make this list. Even the smallest accounting mistakes can cause a massive problem in the future preventing your organization to grow, expand and even properly run on a daily basis. Don't allow these things to happen and leave these business areas to the people with more experience in the matter.

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