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There is n increase in people who are buying homes. Since people differ in preference, buyers need to assess the property they want before buying. Therefore, stakeholders make it easy for the clientele to find their preferred houses by introducing the off-plan home purchase option. Let us get deeper into the topic to help you know what it entails and how to go about it.

Introduction to Off-Plan Home Purchase

The initiative involves buying a house before its construction. Unlike buying something you can see physically, you will get a plan of the house for development. After checking the Truganina display homes at Westbrook Estate, a customer will pay an initial amount of money for the construction to commence. The agreement is legal, and it is essential to have your lawyer present to help you understand the legal terms of the contract. Below are some standard steps in purchasing a home off-plan;

  • Determine your source of finance; before settling on buying a home, it is critical to know if you can afford the purchase. Also, it is vital to decide on the mode of financing your project. Suppose you do not have the total amount, consider mortgaging the plan after generating the initial installment. Alternatively, you can save for a future purchase.

  • Home search and reservation; take time to search for the house you want. It will necessitate you to visit the display homes, and you can have a checklist of the features you want. After determining the ideal home purchase, you can reserve the property at a fee, depending on the service provider.

  • The legal process; a contract is binding, and you need to understand what you are getting yourself into. Therefore, a qualified lawyer is beneficial in the documentation process when buying a home off the plan. The legal experts can conduct a background check on the seller to ascertain there are no future risks to the purchase.

  • Documentation; after getting the financing and determining the contract's legitimacy, it is time to initiate the home development by signing the contract. It involves paying the initial money, and every party gets a copy of the agreement for record-keeping. The process takes place less than a month from the date of home reservation. However, the time frame differs from one region to another.

  • The development; construction takes time, and the contract will outlay the expected date of completion. However, it is essential to monitor the progress as time passes to ensure the work is on schedule. Resist from moving into the house before all the contractors finish the job. Although developers do not want buyers to view the property before, you can have a construction specialists help you inspect the progress.


Buying a house off-plan is beneficial because you get new property with the features you want. There will be no subsequent cost of repairs and maintenance that may arise if there were previous occupants to the house. The standards will be similar to the viewing house. You can seek legal action against the developer if they deviate from the initial plan.

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