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If you are looking to rent or purchase a shipping container, you probably have a few questions. We have selected some of the most common questions and answered them here. We hope that you find this information helpful in deciding about shipping containers.

Why Do Prices of Shipping Containers Fluctuate?

A shipping container is a commodity which means that the supply of it is controlled by the demand of the market. Many global factors can have an impact on the supply and demand of shipping containers. Cities with ports can offer containers for a lower price than cities located further inland due to the cost of transporting the containers.

What Are the Dimensions of Shipping Containers?

The mot common size of a shipping container is 8’6” in height and 8’ in width. Cube shipping containers are a foot taller but still have the same length and width.

WWT / CWO – What is the Difference?

WWT indicates that the shipping container is “wind and water tight” so it can be used for storage outdoors. CWO stands for “cargo-worthy” meaning it can be stacked up to 7 feet high on a large cargo ship.

What are the Differences Between New and Used Containers?

New containers are manufactured overseas, filled with goods and shipped and are used only for one trip. Once the container arrives at its destination and goods have been unloaded, the container is sold. This is also known as an “as new” container. These containers may have some dents from being loaded and unloaded but are otherwise in new condition. Used containers, or wind and watertight containers are used for cargo transport between 8 and 15 years before they are sold. These containers will have a much different appearance from a one trip container. Their paint may be faded, they could have a lot of surface rust as well as dents and scrapes that are more noticeable. New containers are still watertight and windproof with floors and fully functioning cargo doors.

What is the Lifespan of a Shipping Container?

New shipping containers that are used one time or not used yet and placed into storage may last up to 50 years. The lifespan of a shipping container depends on a wide range of factors including what the container was used for, or if the container has been modified from its original appearance and structure. Used containers last less since it will already have had use on the open ocean. Used container lifespans depend largely on the state of the roof and the doors.

What is an A grade Container?

This is a container that is wind and water tight and may not have been painted. It may have less rust than your average WWT grade unit, but it is typically the same type of unit. These units may have been painted after purchase or may have much less rust than a WWT unit.

What Should I do to Prepare my Site for Delivery?

If you are having a shipping container delivered to your property, you want to make certain that there is enough space for a truck to deposit your container. A 20’ container requires 60’ of space – 20 feet for the box and another 40 feet for the truck and 40-foot containers require 100 feet of space – 40’ for the box and 60’ feet for the truck. If a 20-foot container is delivered on a large truck, then you will need to factor in additional space.

The area where your container will be deposited will need to be level. You might with to add gravel or concrete to the area or you can use railroad ties or large cement blocks that can support the weight of the container. If you are using railroad ties, they need to be placed every 10 feet to evenly distribute the weight. The surface needs to be level so that the doors are even, or you may have problems trying to open the doors.

Can I Use the Container to Build a Home?

Shipping containers are an affordable option to build a home or many other usable structures. Containers are structurally sound and offer solid building units for a permanent build. A quick search online will show you many great ideas that you can use for your own home build. You can use one container or several to accomplish a completed home with a much less cost than traditional builds.

What is an ICLL Container?

This container type is a cargo worthy container and is the highest-grade container that is currently used for shipping. Water and windtight containers are IICL quality but are not surveyed nor inspected and it is rare to have many IICL containers on site.

What are ISO Standards?

ISO is short for the International Organization for Standardization and is a regulatory body that sets the standard for most industries. When it comes to shipping containers there are two main standards for containers as determined by ISO. These standards regulate how containers are manufactured, what their classification will be and many other measurements as well as testing. ISO shipping containers are all manufactured to meet the same specifications.

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