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So, you have this bag, and it's costly and big. You bought it while you were out with your girls one night, and you all just happened to be drunk because Stacey finally broke up with that deadbeat boyfriend of hers that liked to put his hands on her. And you guys happened to wander into a mall and passed a GUCCI store. So you impulsively bought a two thousand dollar bag, which is almost double of what you make in a single month. At the moment, it seemed like the right thing to do because you were happy and full of mood-altering vodka.

You might have even subconsciously talked yourself into it without knowing. You just hit your highest quota for the month that day and were on track to winning the company bonus, so you thought, ‘’why not reward me a little bit? I very much deserve it‘’.

Not to mention the immense pressure from your girls to ‘’treat yourself’’ because they know how often you spend on your phone looking at pictures of designer bags. All that combined to lead you to make a mistake that you would soon regret, a mistake that would lead you to this very article.

Fast forward two weeks later, you are completely sober and staring at that two thousand dollar bag that you only used once and threw in your closet because it is too flashy. You don't go to enough places or occasions to justify you having the bag, and Lord knows it's too loud to carry to work every day. So, you decide to sell your used designer bag.

You knew, somewhere at the back of your mind the night you purchased the bag, that this day would eventually come. It might have even been one of the excuses you used to talk yourself into buying the bag subconsciously. You probably said to yourself, ''I deserve this, and if I eventually grow tired of it, I can just resell it''. But the day came sooner than you expected.

Lucky for you, there are people out there that are willing to buy anything with a designer logo on it, used or unused. So, it definitely will not be hard to resell your two thousand dollar bag. And with helpful everyday advances like the internet and the best Amazon repricer, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. There are a plethora of sites where you can place an ad to sell your bag.

The most notable of them, I believe, is Craig’s list. And it is relatively easy to use. Just search the site on google or your local search engine [which is most likely google], create an account or sign in with your email, create your ad, give it an attractive name like ''Gucci Bag available for sale'' even though there are way more outrageous Craigslist ad titles out there. Upload nice pictures of the bag, publish the ad, and simply wait until a prospective buyer comes along.

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