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  • Written by Dr. Linda Salvin

Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have been walking through what I termed, "The Hallway of Transformation".  We were thrown for a loop when the world went into lockdown.  No one knew what was going on or what the truth was. Controversies, conspiracies, 'false news', real news, medical and health information was being thrown at us from various sources around the world; then, people were being censored.  Our freedom of speech is now limited on most platforms.

What has happened to our society? It is not just here in the United States, but everywhere on earth.  Why? We all ask the same questions.  Is there a one-world order? Is government? Science? The Elite? Is it spiritual movement?  

Is it the advancement of technology? Is it a forced control of society as previous generations once experienced?  During lockdown the first two years, people who were hospitalized or dying were kept from their loved ones; we had drive-by birthday parties, zoom weddings, graduations and ceremonies.  Work and meetings turned to online interaction more than ever.

Last year, 2022, we were walking through one of the doors in that hallway of transformation. Some of us had been sick with Covid, some never got it and unfortunately, many did not survive it.  Why? No one can answer that.  The world started to awaken, like a flower budding in the sun for the first time. Slowly, we re-entered the world but we most of us have changed.

As a metaphysical clinician and spiritualist, all I know is that earth is God's playground and we all attend the school of life.  Sometimes I see life as God's experiment for living.  How we navigate, learn, adapt, struggle, fight or blend in.

We chose our partners, dedicate ourselves on a path we may or may not desire, embrace challenges we never expected to have to experience.  Curve balls are tossed our way all the time.  The less we fight and the more we accept, the more peace and joy there will be within our own limited ability vs trying to save the world, change the world or often times. fit in some place.

We find emotional fluctuations, physical changes, spiritual awakenings.  Life is like looking through a membrane filled with air which we breathe to survive.  I correlated it in another article as sitting on the bottom of the pool looking up through the water line into the sky.  The physical world as we know it is in the water, the spiritual life is beyond the water. Same concept here, we are in a membrane struggling to fit the next piece of the puzzle together to get through the day and achieve the next great goal for ourselves.  We are alive in the world as we breathe the air, function daily and strive to get through another day, week, month and year.

The more spiritual we become in this lifetime the more advanced one will ascend when it is their time to cross over.  We can ascend now through prayer and meditation.  Prayer is a very power tool to use in our daily lives; concentrate on yourself and loved ones, of course, we add for peace in the world or to end the war; it's part of the prayers but we as an individual are not powerful enough to change the world's insanity.  There are wonderful world leaders and the negative world leaders; same in our own communities and families.  Becoming spiritual enables a release of attachment to certain people, places and things.  Understanding the will of choice placed before you can help one become aware of their choices, talents, abilities and paths to success.

Many of my friends and clients have expressed feelings of detachment as I previously mentioned; emotional detachment; the holidays were not as festive or activities we once were excited about are now less intense or interesting.  Yes, much of the transformation in that hallway, perhaps numbed us, altered us, shifted our insight, perspective and priorities.

However, I do know that whatever fears, anxieties or beliefs we have now as a result of the world’s changes, the only constant I know is God; the more we depend on God, the more independent we become.  Keeping the faith through all of the outer influences in all areas of the world will help each of us on an individual level tolerate and endure what life is presenting us.

To me, The Hallway of Transformation, is growth for all.  Although the political, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, mainstream media, aviation, technology, academic, scientific, health, automotive worlds and other agendas collide, compete, try to outdo the next and create the mad world in which we live today.  But, is it really any different than any other generation?

There was WWII and the Nazi's when my grandmother was young and my mom was just a teen. there was the Korean War; I grew up during the Viet Nam War; we had the Gulf War.  Now we have the Russia Ukrainian war.  There is talk of China invading Taiwan this year.  One would think that power and control vs the loss of innocent lives would balance.  The lack of total spirituality on this planet continues to perpetuate the ugliness of war, famine, disease, mortality and greed.

We need to heal ourselves and the planet; we've been saying this for years and decades; as much as we grow and expand in some areas, others just stay the same with the new generation of people.  The chaos of today's world politically, racially, religiously, sexually or gender-wise, from changing identities; losing the word mother to a birthing person, to concentrating on issues not as important for the prosperity and well-being of our society, I fully believe each person should be able to live as they feel as long as they are not hurting anyone.  But that is not how society is.  We have rules and laws to follow.  Some laws are being re-written, some are breaking and others are broken.  Some will be implemented.  There is no one rule book for living life.  But, subliminally, I feel like we are being programmed.  To what or for what, I'm not really sure; some conspiracies predict we humans will become more android-like by 2030.  Our human sensitivity is being syphoned out of us thus creating the hostility.  One scholar I spoke to stated that war exists on the planet because humans slaughter the animals.  There are theories everywhere, in every circle.  What is best for you may not be best for me. However, regardless of personal beliefs, having experienced three near death experiences in the 1980s, I do know that, without a doubt, embracing a spiritual concept within oneself, will help align the path for which we walk on our journey through life.   That anger and resentment can be reversed through prayer.  With the fear and anxiety in the world today, we as individuals can find our own safe spot within each of our beings.

All I know is that my own struggles and fragmented parts integrated within me once I allowed the spiritual side of life to really guide me; I became very in tune to the energy entering my body, filling my heart, providing a sense of peace and safety.  A protective feeling came over me when I stopped questioning and fearing.  I still seek but I already know one thing.  IF God doesn’t move, who did?

The distractions out there seem planned to while workings behind the scene all being implemented on this hallway of transformation. How did QR codes pop up so quickly? And tents for the restaurants to serve outdoors? And bamboo utensils?  How did Zoom explode? I’ve always been of the belief technology is amazing and wonderful but it can also destroy us.
We see generational changes in all walks of life.  Are we hurting ourselves or helping ourselves?  In 1971, I was a senior in high school.   I remember looking toward the future and wondering what life would be like when we were in power.  Now I know. 

The spiritual awakening is when the spirit or energy runs right through us. There are surrenders and different elevations of growth and frequency.   We can have various spiritual changes throughout life.  We are thirsty for spiritual fulfillment but instead, we often seek the outside material world to fix things, to fill us up internally.  This brings me back to the idea of feeling numb or watching the detachment taking place through the hallway.  As we get on the diving board to jump into the next phase, it is more important than ever to increase prayer, mediation, trust, faith and hope; the curiosity within each of seeks the fulfillment of something to quench ourselves.  When that energy is ready for us to receive, it will enter our being as if we were inhaling it. It can be a soft experience or overwhelming.  Be still for I am God.  Feel the presence.  Again, this is not religious; I speak spiritually.

In a utopian society, ideally if we could swallow and resolve the anger, we could  help ourselves find a calmer and more protected way of life.  I know there is a future as children are born every day.  God is not bringing them into the world if the world was not going forward.  In conclusion, as we walk this hallway of transformation, we are aging, moving faster than ever technically and electrically, raising our frequencies to levels ever experienced before.  In 1978, with a plane flying overhead, I said, The Jetson's are coming....and now in 2023 didn't the Jetson's of the 60s already know about much of what was to come? Maybe it’s all an illusion and we have lived this before. Whatever it is, each of us plays a role on the stage of life, God’ big playground.  Pick your game and be gentle, accepting and know, eventually there Is a new door to open at the end of the hallway.  And know, too, you will forever be evolving, growing
and changing into the best human being you can be.

Dr. Linda Salvin
Metaphysical Clinician
Facebook:  Linda Salvin
Twitter:  psychicdrlinda
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With her extraordinary evolution from Epidemiologist and Environmental Health Specialist to impacting hundreds of thousands of lives as a pioneer of “psychic radio,” Dr. Linda Salvin’s multi-faceted life and career is proof that sometimes God and the Universe have larger plans and higher purposes for us than we can originally envision. After 12 years of running from the unique gifts first bestowed upon her as the survivor of a Boeing 737 crash and several other soul-changing, near death experiences, she embraced her sacred responsibility as a spiritualist and healer.

Though her mega-successful career on the airwaves has earned her renown at various times as “America’s #1 radio psychic,” Dr. Linda is also a private practitioner whose guidance has helped everyone from politicians, professors and university deans to prominent celebrities, students, housewives and everyday people. She is known as a “psychic’s psychic,” as she reads for other psychics and helps people awaken to their gifts.  Since the late 90’s, she has been a thriving entrepreneur drawing on her expertise in the ancient art of candle magic to change countless lives via her candle line Wicks of Wisdom. Her creative pursuits, including years of gigging as a singer/songwriter and rejecting two record deals, are boundless. Since earning her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, she has artfully fused her medical background and spiritual gifts/expertise as a metaphysical clinician, helping people with her unique approach that draws equally on science and spirit, the physical and esoteric.

Building on her popularity in the early 90’s as one of the top rated, 900-line psychics on the Psychic Friends Network (whose infomercials were hosted by legendary singer Dionne Warwick), Dr. Linda was selected out of 364 psychics in 1994 to be the “nighttime psychic,” on L.A.’s then-adult contemporary station KBIG 104.3 FM, appearing twice an hour for five hours. Her immediate success with listeners led to an opportunity to host and produce her own show on KIEV 870 AM, after which she started syndicating with CRNDigital Talk in over 350 markets. By 2004, her national show was syndicated to another network of radio stations.

She later launched “The Inner You with Dr. Linda Salvin,” on 97.1 KLSX Los Angeles for five years, then moved for a time to KABC 790 AM. After several years away from the airwaves attending to her private practice, entrepreneurial activities and personal business, she will be returning to radio in February 2020 on KHTS in Santa Clarita, CA with an hour show dedicated to her work as a psychic, spiritual adviser and practitioner of the FDA approved, fat reduction technology called Strawberry Laser Lipo. Drawing on her own body image issues growing up in Los Angeles, Dr. Linda believes that the non-invasive, 20-30 minute procedure - where a cold red laser is applied to the skin and directly attacks fat cells – is the perfect way to lose inches in problem areas.

Dr. Linda’s influence on radio has created demand for countless TV appearances over the years. She has brought her expertise, authoritative voice and healing vibes to “John & Leeza,” “Hard Copy,” CNN-fn, “The Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon,” “Nine on the Town,” various news segments and more. More recently, she was featured with Awesomeness TV for a YouTube show which coincided with Sony’s press junket for the 2017 release of the remake of the film “Flatliners.” In 2018, she appeared on CBS’ syndicated “Face the Truth,” hosted by Vivica A. Fox.

Since the late 90s, Linda has been a successful spiritual entrepreneur with a specific and unique candle magic line called Wicks of Wisdom. Trained in candle magic by a Santeria priest and incorporating elements of Kabbalah, Linda launched her line in 1999 so that people from all walks of life could contribute to their healing and life aspects. Removing any stigma of the occult, Wicks of Wisdom serve “…like a prescription for your soul.” Each set includes three candles, two ounces of essential oil, herbs and powders to create the desired result from the user’s ritual. It has all the ingredients needed for enhancing finances, luck, love, health and wellness, harmony and legal issues. A truly global phenomenon, Dr. Linda’s vision has manifested in happier, more fulfilling lives for thousands of users. In 2006, she created an infomercial for her candle line and hired Kris Jenner to host her show. The clip of this presentation currently has over 336,000 views on YouTube.

Dr. Linda was not born with the psychic gifts that have been her trademark, legend and inspiration to hundreds of thousands. In fact, she often jokes that had she not lived through all her traumas, accidents, incidents and transformations, she wouldn’t believe her story, either. Dr. Linda began her life immersed in the medical sciences, earning her Bachelor’s in Health Education from San Francisco State University and a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology and Environmental Health from the University of Michigan. Prior to the series of accidents that changed the course of her life and spiritual progression, she served as an Industrial Hygienist for General Dynamics, creating and implementing a new industrial health program for 7100 employees at the Pomona aerospace facility.

Not long after Dr. Linda started her next job as an Environmental Health Specialist for an insurance company, she was aboard a commercial airliner that crashed at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA in 1981. She’d had a premonition of the exact spot the plane would crack in half; she felt 50 feet out of her body for at least four months. This surreal reality was the beginning of her redirected journey. After the plane crash, she was hit by a fire truck in 1982, and two years later,, she had an auto accident which brought her to the White Light and a choice to continue to ascend or to live and shift gears on earth. She sees these as her initiations to work in the spiritual world.

During her healing time after a major surgery in 1991, Dr. Linda discovered her healing abilities in dramatic fashion, applying the intense energy in her hands to the body of a woman with multiple personality disorder. When the woman reported that she had been completely healed, Dr. Linda began realizing her higher purpose. While on the rise as a radio personality a few years later, she had another surgery to remove 100 tumors from her hips and thighs. She was given the opportunity to connect with the other side to communicate and give closure to grieving people here on earth. Dr. Linda was proving her transmediumship on radio long before the internet caught on. 

“The Department of Health, Education and Welfare defines health as the state of  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being, not merely the absence of disease,” says Dr. Linda. “Through all of my many endeavors, I find ways to focus on all of those elements, bringing the science and spiritual aspects of my life into situations where I can not only be a healer but promote health conscious lifestyles and preventive medicine. Having been on the radio for years, it was easy for many to simply see me as a psychic, but my medical background plays a great role in all the work I do.

“Few professionals address the spiritual aspects of illness and life to make the whole,” she adds. “In metaphysical diagnostics, I can quickly analyze someone’s issue or ailment, diagnose the situation and suggest the solution to heal from their pain and discomfort while providing spiritual peace and acceptance. I often teach people that understanding God is as simple as understanding the way a butterfly moves through the world. Using that metaphor, I have taught people to stop being fearful and simply become comfortable in their own skin. It was only when I stopped trying to control my life and surrender to God and trust the Universe that everything changed. Since then, everything I do is grounded in helping others find healing, purpose and peace.”
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