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Can you imagine if it was easy for children to see the strength in challenges?

Meet Kyrie…an eight-year-old fourth grader who is intelligent and not afraid to show it!   Kyrie loves reading and building her vocabulary.

Homeschooled until age eight, Kyrie carries Kyrie’s Fantastic Words List in her special notebook everywhere she goes. She is eager to attend school to finally make friends. But when bullying from classmates begins, Kyrie is confused and discouraged.  Kyrie needs to find the courage and confidence to confront the bullies. 

With a new friend’s help, she devises a plan to stop the bullies in their tracks! But will her plan work? 

Kyrie’s School Blues is about the power of vocabulary building and reading. It is also about identifying a true friend, using your words, and being courageous and resilient in the face of challenges.  Kyrie recognizes that there are gifts to be found in challenges.

The Gifts Journey: Kyrie's School Blues by Author S.P. Brown.

Praise for Kyrie’s School Blues

Kyrie’s School Blues encompasses a plethora of the social and emotional learning themes so vital for elementary school literacy curriculums.  It’s an engaging multidisciplinary learning tool for young readers.

- Dr. Khalek Kirkland, Community Superintendent District 23 · NYC Department of Education

At the mere age of eight, Kyrie encapsulates the power of perseverance, the strength to endure struggles, and the value of positive relationships.  Kyrie’s School Blues identifies with the relevance of many scholars that arrive in our classrooms daily.         

- Monica Brock-Walker, Principal, Public School 49X, New York

Kyrie's School Blues teaches us about resilience and the power of believing in ourselves.  A must read for all elementary classrooms.    

-Amy McCoy, former elementary school educatior and award winning author of the Little Big Sister book series.

 Kyrie’s School Blues is an empowering story of a young girl finding her self-worth through the power of her words. In addition to the character building lessons, S.P. Brown’s sophomore book provides rich vocabulary to build a well-rounded curriculum in elementary classes. 

- Patricia Greaves, Educator and Girls Mentor.

Kyrie’s School Blues is a great read for jump starting a word study curriculum. Students will be able to make connections to Kyrie’s story and understand why word knowledge is important and useful in their daily lives.

- Jamise Valentine, Elementary Educator

S.P. Brown

I was born and raised in New York, a childhood spanning the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan, and ultimately, Harlem, New York.  I attended public school through High School and grew up an avid reader, developing a love of books and the stately buildings that contained them at an early age.  I was in awe of the fact that I could visit the library within walking distance of my apartment and depart a short while later with a stack of books usually too heavy for me to transport independently without significant strain.  My incentive to sustaining the heavy weight for my walk home was the excitement and expectation of the many places I would be transported to, through the pages of the books.  

Fantasy fiction and mysteries were my favorite genres as a child and my penchant for writing began with my father requiring me to read the more advanced literary selections of his choosing, and then write comprehensive essays about the content.  While often mundane, this exercise fostered my appreciation for rich vocabulary words and descriptive text and also led to my reading at a very high level, at a young age.  This practice also revealed that I could temporarily escape my truth through the pages of a book, and also create a new reality  through the pen on the page.   
After participating in a community theatre group as an elementary school student and a Columbia University School of Law mock trial program in Junior High School, by age 14, I aspired to be an attorney which spoke to my affinity for words and public speaking.  To that end, I have practiced Employment Discrimination law for two decades, working in the media & entertainment industry for the last 13 years where I provided advice and counsel to corporate leadership.  However, writing and mentoring has remained what ignites and fuels my spirit.  

My life mission is to encourage, inspire and to deliver truth which positively impacts and/or resonates change in at least one person, every single day.

Finally, I am a devoted wife of 26 years and mother to three amazing children ages 24, 18 and 15…and infinitely passionate about my family!

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

-1 Thessalonians 5:11

Her Personal Passion.

Personal passions are my faith in God, youth and women empowerment, promoting positive mental health awareness for myself and everyone I encounter and interact with, and domestic violence issues.   I was a child of domestic violence and am proud to say today that I not only survived the experiences, I triumphed over the experiences and became the person that I am, because of the experiences.  To feed that passion through service, in 2019 I joined the Board of Directors of The Safe Center of Long Island (TSCLI), a not-for-profit agency comprehensively serving the needs of victims of domestic violence and inter-personal trauma in Nassau County, Long Island.   Currently, I serve as President of the Executive Board of TSCLI.  

INSTAGRAM:  @s.p.brownwrites

WEBSITE:   http://www.spbrownwrites.com/

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