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Breakthrough innovation showcasing fraud prevention "on the edge" earned more than 50% of attendee vote

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Darwinium[1], a pioneering new Customer Protection Platform, has today announced it has won the prestigious Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Ignite Award for 2023. View the full presentation here[2].



While the MRC does not accept sales pitches on the main stage, the conference makes an exception for this program and sponsors are challenged to showcase their solutions in a creative manner. As part of a main stage presentation, participants have just four minutes to host a quick-fire session and engage its captive audience of 2000 attendees. The Darwinium team beat six other vendors, showcasing its approach and solution to what is happening on the cutting edge of the payments and fraud prevention industry.

To stand apart, Darwinium chose to present the evolutionary battle of the merchant versus the fraudster through a David Attenborough style lens, entitled The Human Planet, opening with a realistic vision of the modern marketplace today. It demonstrated that, although marketplaces provide a bastion of commerce and economic activity for merchants to exchange their goods and services with customers, they also present a breeding ground for relentless fraudsters. 

Darwinium is delivering an entirely new approach to holistic customer protection by joining the siloed approaches of cybersecurity and fraud prevention, and providing a single window into a user's entire digital journey. It does this by integrating on the edge, rather than via traditional APIs, which is a significant innovation in what is a crowded security and fraud market. This delivers a simpler and quicker time-to-value that provides immediate visibility across every digital interaction, reducing operational costs and improving the efficacy of risk decisions.

Account compromise and online fraud continue unabated, facilitated by swathes of breached credentials, despite large investments in solutions meant to separate good and bad behavior. Its founder and CEO, industry veteran Alisdair Faulkner, has built Darwinium from the ground up, to redress this inequality and to unify a widely disjointed approach to security controls which he has seen is hugely impacting businesses' ability to protect their organizations.

Alisdair commented on the Ignite win: "The industry is seeing a surge in fraudsters capitalizing on new technology and techniques to adapt attacks targeting online businesses and currently many are operating with 'point-in-time' solutions that are not fit for purpose. Alongside this, the security and fraud divisions of these businesses are operating in silos which leaves them wide open to attacks. These points came across strongly in our presentation and I think the audience recognized this as it resonated with so many of them. Of course, along with the incredible creativity that our team demonstrated on the day. I'm very proud of our achievement!"

"The MRC IGNITE program showcases innovative products in a fun and entertaining way. Companies are challenged to present their solution in a creative manner, while keeping up with slides that auto advance every 12 seconds. We congratulate Darwinium for their inventive approach and captive delivery, earning them the "Most Memorable" IGNITE presentation at MRC Vegas 2023." 

Rhianna Collier | Vice President of Membership & Events

Darwinium is attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 24 - 27 2023. Please visit us in the Early-Stage Expo Hall, or to arrange a meeting contact Alex Forss at[3][4]

About Darwinium

Darwinium is a pioneering customer protection platform that holistically assesses every digital interaction to identify bad behavior, in real time. Security and fraud prevention operate as siloes that lead to poor customer experience, data theft and an inability to adapt to new threats. Darwinium delivers risk-based journey orchestration across every digital touchpoint – Web, Apps and APIs. This reduces latency and improves agility, while maintaining absolute privacy of user data. Businesses can make better, faster decisions, with the most comprehensive data, better protecting their customers, while deterring fraudsters.

For more information, please visit[5]

About MRC

Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a non-profit global membership organization connecting eCommerce fraud prevention and payments professionals through educational programs, community groups, conferences, and networking events. Encompassing over 650 companies, including more than 400 merchants, it provides education on fraud prevention, payments optimization, and risk management. The MRC was established in 2000 and continues to be at the forefront of industry evolution by focusing its efforts on optimizing payments and reducing eCommerce fraud through collaboration, networking, education, and advocacy.

For more information, please visit[6]

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