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The world's largest manufacturer and designer of water parks and attractions showcases new technological and material innovations and highlights iconic projects that opened this year as well as those in the works.

FLORIDA, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- During a press conference at this year's IAAPA Expo, WhiteWater[1] introduced six new products and showcased iconic projects that were completed this year or are in progress to make world-class destinations.

Six New Products That Elevate the Ride and Play Experience

This year, WhiteWater is launching more new products than any of the last 10 years. Rethinking how to fuse beloved experiences, as well as material and technological advancements, these products deliver huge value on many levels. Designed with environmental sustainability and the operator's bottom line in mind, these new attractions use less water, less energy, and are built to last.

Blasterango Battle[2]—A Race Through Multiple Sensations (IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winner)

Not just any water coaster, Blasterango Battle is an adventure in two lanes of Master Blaster drops and climbs in a conjoined flume, then through separated dark sections with colourful AquaLucent effects, finishing with side-by-side Boomerango walls for zero-G sensations. The action-packed racing experience, combined with unique theming opportunities on the two walls, is already making this water slide unmistakably iconic.

Boomerango Squeeze[3]—An Innovative Take on a Beloved Classic

The popular Boomerango wall can now be placed mid-ride instead of end of ride with the tapering flume profile of Boomerango Squeeze. This innovation not only provides a varied ride experience, it also allows the slide to be built on a hillside or uneven surface.

Walhalla[4]—the Most Sensational 6-Person Raft Ride in the World

A fusion between the weightless sensations of Boomerango and the yo-yo-like oscillations of Manta, Walhalla is a high-energy slide with the highest climbs, highest speeds, and highest thrill while keeping operating costs low.

AquaFortress—a Modular All-in-One Water Park Structure

Completely configurable and customizable, AquaFortress is the future of multi-level play structure, capable of adapting to a park's footprint, thrill level, and capacity requirements. Polycarbonate guardrails and Life Floor come standard for safer play and longer equipment life.

FlowSurf™[5]—Deep River Surf Experience by FlowRider®

Answering to demand and inspired by nature, FlowSurf is an innovative deep wave system where riders surf with real surfboards. It is an ideal anchor attraction for location-based entertainment.

Clarus—Truly Clear Fiberglass

A breakthrough in production process and material technology, Clarus is truly clear fiberglass that creates see-through water slide flume parts. Unveiled at IAAPA Expo 2022, Clarus will not only revolutionize a park's ability to entertain guests, it will also improve safety where line of sight is better maintained on kids' slides.

Where Icons Are Made This Year

Befitting of WhiteWater's current campaign, "Where Icons Are Made[6]," the company highlights its latest projects that have achieved iconic status.

"The variety of experiences these projects bring demonstrates how a day at a water park can become a joyful, unique memory anchor for guests," said WhiteWater President, Paul Chutter. "These examples also show that the value of an iconic ride to drive great guest reviews cannot be underestimated."

Icons in the Works

Looking ahead, WhiteWater is excited about some high-profile projects in progress slated to open in the coming year.

  • Indoor Part of Award-Winning Studio City Water Park, Macau SAR, China
  • Year-Round Fun: Island Water Park at Showboat Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
  • Small AND Iconic: Kalahari Round Rock, Texas, USA
  • Two Water Rides at VinWonders Phú Quốc, Vietnam
  • Surf's Up at SURFTOWN® MUC, Munich, Germany[11]

"We are proud to be part of a resurgence of the industry with these notable new projects, together with great partners and clients," said CEO Geoff Chutter. "As demand increases around the world, we're forging ahead with our local for local approach and innovative new products that will help parks differentiate and succeed in their different markets."

About WhiteWater

WhiteWater started as a park operator in 1980 with one clear purpose, to create places where families unite and make joyful lasting memories.  Nearly 40 years later we are now the world's largest provider of everything a water park needs, from park design to the broadest product range in the industry.

Visit our website for more information:[12]


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