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  • Written by Stephanie Hochman of My Luv Notes

You Don’t Own Me began as many of my songs do, a heated flurry of emotional outpouring into an abyss of never-ending possibilities and terabytes worth of storage, my phone. It may land there first, or the song may be preceded by handwritten notes or cryptic voice memos to be deciphered at a later date. However the song is processed until it’s completion with a final mix, the origin is always my heart. You Don’t Own Me is a song about independence and freedom from oppression and it sears my soul.

You Don’t Own Me is the first single to be released off of the album entitled, You Don’t Own Me. I am a child of the Lord and my faith is the source of my strength. At times, others knowing that one is strong and caring will tend to create dependency and reliance on the strong one. A sense of entitlement is typically coupled with a lack of appreciation. People need to seek another alternative that will lead to their independence and enlightenment. Being that I derive much love and strength from the Lord hence the lyrics, “Hands together now, you’re gonna’ find your way, look up high while I walk away…” People need to find their own strength and although I love to help people, there comes a time when I will need to set myself free and leave others in good hands, the Lord’s.

You Don’t Own Me is also an anthem for any person that is independent in spirit will and conviction. There are peoples that are oppressed due to societal and individual circumstances of which many are beyond their control. This song not only reminds people not to cling to others and find their own way, but it also inspires others who are forced into a dependent and compromised position to seek the independence and sovereignty that they deserve and have a right to. It reminds you to never stop fighting for what you believe in and not to settle for the domination that is imposed upon you. “YOU DON’T OWN ME, AIN’T FOR SALE, DIDN’T FIGHT TO FAIL.”

My life’s journey has taught me much and I have many ways to chronicle my thoughts and feelings which begin with heartfelt writings. I consider myself a writer of truths and I try to convey my writings into lyrics that are thought-provoking. During the creative process, I also have created many a video where I have sung a melody and worked out lyrics during a long car ride. It is interesting to look back at those videos, some wearing red gloves with a glimpse of the barren trees outside and others on a beautiful sunny day and all you will see is a hand on the wheel with a view of the passing green foliage. I can also sit quietly in my car, or seated at my piano late at night, both sanctuaries of mine, working out lyrics and melodies. The creative process is never stifled. I am continually in a creative mode in my life working on a song, reviewing a mix, writing lyrics or recording whilst weaving from computer to phone to the studio to pen and paper, to voice memos and reminders. Every song I have written tells a story, some are stories of life and truth, others of love and pain, yet each one has a message. You Don’t Own Me is no exception. The title is a dead give away...

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