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As things start to get back to normal, travel opportunities have begun to open up as travel corridors change and more and more countries get added to different green lists – along with the shift to remote working and flexible schedules, it seems like there’s a perfect opportunity for digital nomads to take advantage of the new remote working visas and all of the benefits that come with travelling whilst working. But if you’re a first timer just getting started out, it can often be overwhelming picking and choosing what’s important to take and what isn’t, so this list will offer a few of the better choices.

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A little electronics repair & travel kit – When you’re on the road the last thing you want is for your laptop or mobile to stop working, particularly if you don’t know if there’s somewhere near by that can easily repair them. Fortunately, you’re able to grab schematics for the inner workings of most modern devices quite easily online and grabbing yourself a little electronics tool kit will provide the opportunity to at least try and fix your device yourself if you’re confident enough – going for a lightweight laptop that may be a little older certainly helps to fix these issues too, to keep you online for longer.

Dongles and hot spots – Talking of staying online for longer, security is important when using public connections in locations you’re not familiar with and using public internet tends not to be the best of choices – whether you’re looking to stay online for working, for watching movies and TV, or for playing your favourite gaming services like these, having a reliable connection is key and that’s where a dongle or a hot spot could come in handy. It means you don’t need to rely on public internet, and also means you won’t chew through your own personal data for when you may need it most too.

Power banks and backups – To stay online, you need power, but not everywhere you visit will have availability at all times or even the right sockets for connecting – you can get universal adapters, but you may come across something a little more obscure. Having power banks to charge from and having a few backups can definitely help you to always stay online but be wary of the capacity as not all will be allowed for travel, so reading up ahead of time will definitely help you out.

So long as you have your passport, your wallet, and some way to communicate you can just about get anywhere without too much difficulty so ensuring you have all these key things covered is key – and being able to stay online throughout your journey will keep you working and keep all of your opportunities open.

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