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As far as home technology is concerned, people usually joke about sci-fi futures. However, in the case of automated speaker systems, it feels like technology is finally getting people to that point. Automated speaker systems give you the power to wield full control over entertainment and appliances with your voice, like some domestic god.

One cylindrical and small box may completely control everything from your music playlist and TV to the fridge. These little systems have also introduced a new way of organizing and automating life without the need to press buttons, and it may not cost an arm and leg to get you started. Without further ado, here are the best-automated speaker systems you can add in your home:

  1. Sonos One

Sonos’ debut automated speaker is a great and feature-rich sounding device, which brings together the best of both the Google Assistant ecosystem and Alexa – plus, Sonos’ multi-room smarts with unmatched sound performance.

Beyond that, there is also an additional new feature, which promises to change the whole game; AirPlay 2. With this feature, the Sonos One may talk to Siri and establish a multi-room by pairing it with the Apple HomePod.

  1. Amazon Echo

If you want to connect to Alexa, Amazon Echo is the latest and beautiful ball of sound, bringing the same wide soundstage and bold bass as the previous models. However, it has more room-filling sound than before. It can easily fill the room with 360-degree sound, and you can place it anywhere, including your bathroom, kitchen, and smaller living room.

Amazon Echo also makes getting weather updates and news convenient, and it’s simple to set alarm clocks and kitchen timers.

  1. Apple HomePod Mini

The Apple HomePod Mini is bijou. At just 9.8cm wide and 8.4cm tall, it is a bit smaller when compared to Amazon Echo. As a matter of fact, the new Echo Dot also dwarfs it.

Siri is your voice helper here, and after a short while of learning, it can respond by playing something, which you have never listened to before. Apart from being a great way to discover new music, the device gets too loud as well. From the time you start playing music, it is clear that the speaker comfortably outperforms its price and size.

  1. Google Nest Hub

Google got off to an unusually slow start in the entertaining space, but the Google Nest Hub is basically giving Amazon a run for its money.

While Google Assistance is perfect for asking for general information, Google has added support for smart home devices and services. This is an excellent choice for individuals who dig YouTube Music, Chromecast, and Google Photos.

  1. JBL Link 20

Given the wide range of automated speaker systems, it is surprising how only a few are portable. Luckily, the JBL Link 20 checks every box to qualify as a great automated speaker. It has a solid sound quality, and similar to Google Nest Mini, it also has Google Assistant built-in.

Even better, the speaker is waterproof, so you may play music in your backyard and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network or phone’s Bluetooth.

In a Nutshell!

Automated speaker systems have become popular, and there is a variety of brands in the market. These speakers allow users to do everything from ordering takeaways and products online to playing music and controlling wireless-enabled lights.

Setting up a smart home is simple than ever. However, choosing the right system to unify your devices and get them to work together is a decision worthy of serious consideration.

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