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  • Written by Sally Morgan

In line with its aggressive growth strategy, Aqua Expeditions will start construction in December 2016 of a third vessel to sail on Peru's Amazon River, it was announced by Francesco Galli Zugaro, the company's Founder and CEO.  The third all-suite vessel will be a joint cooperation between Noor Designs of Vietnam and Jordi Puig of Peru, and will mostly resemble the company's newest boat, the award-winning Aqua Mekong, with twenty 320-square-foot suites, a spa, a gym, a pool and a fleet of four customized tenders for intimate daily explorations.

Scheduled to launch in early December 2017, the third boat is an answer to a growing demand for luxury cruising experiences in the Peruvian Amazon.  With this third boat, Aqua Expeditions will elevate yet again the level of accommodation and service and offer a wider selection of expeditions in the high-end category sailing in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

Since its inception in 2007, Aqua Expeditions has become known for its exclusive, luxury cruising experiences that allow special insider access to Amazonian communities, remote areas of the reserve, and world-class naturalist guides.  The vessels are renowned for their expansive design suites and for world-class cuisine curated by some of the world's top chefs. In Vietnam and Cambodia, guests visit local villages, temples and markets as well as various silk and silver craftsmen.

"We are excited to be expanding our product in the Peruvian Amazon and maintaining our position of market maker," said Galli Zugaro, "and are pleased that our product has become synonymous with luxury river cruising."  The extraordinary demand demonstrated by our past guests and trade partners has only fueled our expansion and growth in the small ship expedition segment. We have some exciting new destinations we will be announcing this summer to complement our current destination offering.

The new vessel will be called Aqua Amazon and the existing Aqua Amazon will be re-named Aqualina and offered as a wholesale charter-only vessel. All three cruisers will continue to navigate into the reserve, offering varying options to discerning soft adventure seekers. 

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In just nine years, Aqua Expeditions has become a recognized leader in small ship cruising on the world's greatest rivers. The realization of founder Francesco Galli Zugaro's dream, the architect-designed, custom-built 12-suite Aqua Amazon and 16-suite Aria Amazon brought luxury cruising to the Amazon River in Peru, offering travellers professionally guided nature-based adventures combined with sophisticated 5-star boutique hotel accommodations and gourmet cuisine. Aqua Expeditions' third luxury vessel, the 20-suite Aqua Mekong now sails seemingly across time on the historic Mekong River between Cambodia and Vietnam. Guests go deeper into both legendary destinations by cycle and kayak on every launch.

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