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The Role of Creativity in Digital Marketing's Future 

As marketers, one of the key tasks is to be creative and look for ways to generate demand and interest in our services and products. Creativity has been critical to successful marketing long before digital marketing and the internet even existed.

Creativity has always been among the most critical factors to stand out in both traditional and online marketing campaigns. However, as online targeting continues to become more and more sophisticated, consumers expect a cutting-edge online world these days. It is risky to depend on any fixed formulas, and with technology becoming increasingly advanced, will need to take a smarter approach to your digital marketing and be better informed and more creative to stand out in today's marketplace. 

Innovation has been abandoned by numerous digital marketers and they are playing it safe instead. However, for marketers who are wanting to develop highly effective digital marketing plans now and in the future, creativity plays a critical role in developing and executing these plans. This is why creativity has been important from the beginning and will become increasingly essential as a tool to achieve success in the future in digital marketing with The Jam Jar.  

Why Creativity Is So Important

Users these days move fluidly between channels and devices and expect an enjoyable, engaging, and seamless experience. At any point in time users are quickly taking in multiple pieces of information that must be assessed when determining whether or not to pay attention to something. Creativity plays a critical role when attempting to make an impact, breakthrough, as well as inspire customers to pay attention to you. However, in the future, they will be playing an even larger role in producing real engagement that results in conversion.   

The fact of the matter is that we frequently get caught up in analysis and the work that we do to make sure the right product gets promoted to the right people. However, we forget sometimes that on the other side of our promotions there are real people. Recently Microsoft conducted a study measuring the "dwell" of various digital marketing campaigns. A Regroup article explains that "dwell" is the amount of time spent by people on a certain creative piece for a service or product. The higher that the dwell is, the higher the engagement will be and chances of a purchase. Online ads that are more engaging and creative result in higher dwell and therefore result in more successful marketing campaigns for brands when it comes to searches, traffic, and engagement on the brand website. 

How To Create a More Interesting User Experience 

Marketers are used to targeting consumers based on demographics and then dividing them up according to variables like ethnicity, geographical location, gender, and age. Although these are important metrics and produce results, marketers will not be able to solely rely on just demographic data in the future, since it will result in them missing out on a big opportunity to increase their audience engagement and put them at risk of delivering irrelevant, generic messages. 

As targeting becomes increasingly sophisticated, consumers are expecting to receive messages that are increasingly personalized and tailored. For marketers, to achieve success, it is essential to get creative with their marketing and gain a good understanding of their customer's motives, personalities, and actions. Targeting can be taken well beyond what your audience does and where they and be much more specific and granular. People share their interests and values on social media to create various digital communities of interest that can be leveraged by advertisers' creativity to build personalized, advanced targeting.  

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