• Written by Dr. Linda Salvin

Most everyone I know is jumping on the bandwagon to get their Covid19 vaccines.  A year ago, I was questioning what we were about to experience.  The past year of lockdown, a term I learned when I worked in a prison as a health educator for AIDs in the late 80s, reminds me of the punishment it seems to have become.  I was grounded for wrong-doing in high school and the lockdown became that again only worse.  Has it been necessary?  Did closing the world really help us?   There is a corona virus that makes people very ill attacking the respiratory system.  Some are not affected at all. As I said last year, most of us will probably test positive but be asymptomatic.  The more tests, the greater numbers of cases.   

People I know who had Covid19 explained the horrible struggles to heal from this illness.  Many people failed to take the pandemic seriously, thinking this was a hoax or a government control system to regulate the population.  Words from Bill Gates stated that he would like to see the population diminish and the pandemic would be one way to eliminate a percentage of the people.  During one interview I saw, he stated the next pandemic will be worse. Worse?  How does he know there will be another?  As he owns WHO, does he now own us?

When an Italian doctor defined COVID as “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence” he was soon censored.  Then there is Google that defines Covid such as an illness caused by a novel coronavirus which severely affects the respiratory system.  Is Covid19 the same as Corona virus?  I know, Corona is a beer, a city in Southern California and a type of virus.  But are we really at great risk?  Some say the Spanish Flu was nothing more than a cover up to bad vaccines gone wrong killing people who were inoculated.   

Mainstream media tells a story of our new vaccines helping people at 95% efficacy rate. A client of mine called for help regarding one of her clients who became suicidal after learning the vaccine he worked on caused sterility in men.  Jewish people during WWII were forced to wear a Star of David over the left breast of their clothing.  Now we are hearing of the new vaccine passport, that we will be traceable by apps or identified by trained dogs to detect whether or not we have been vaccinated.  The passport and the color green on an app, is projected for use to approve our travel, dining, ability to attend events where there are masses of people. The 5% not being reported, as I have heard from clients and read online, include deaths, bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis and sterilization both in men and women. Is this a form of population control or is it the risks of a vaccine to prevent a true public health threat? What is the truth? Epidemiologists thrive on epidemics and pandemics. Or, is all of this part of a bigger picture including the pharmaceutical and technological industries to change the human race?

When I graduated the University of Michigan with a Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology in 1977, I doubt any of us ever imagined our role in Public Health would become as vulnerable or important as it is now. Dr. Arnold Monto, was my professor in the 1976.  He is one of the most respected epidemiologists serving as an advisor with the vaccines.  I have the utmost respect for my prior teacher.   I trust his word and listen to his reporting.

As epidemiologists, technically, we are disease detectives.  The human population of disease origination fascinated me.  Was the disease air, food, or water borne?  Can we absorb or Inhale it? There are various factors to review when tracking an illness. Age, race, location, gender, and other variables.  We can track a virus that gives us the common cold to a deadly cancer that invades our organs, often killing us.

Trained to ask questions, identify trends, statistically suggest a probable solution or result, we worked to provide answers to clinical, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial, and other related fields to protect the health of people.  Early in my career, I began to see where money controlled the research.  I was denied mention in a publication when I discovered a correlation in a brain tumor study that was against the sponsored hypothesis.  While working on an agent orange study, my heart broke as I interviewed Viet Nam vets who had been exposed and what happened to their children genetically.

I became aware of politics and money over the truth and health of human beings when I confronted my then PhD boss about certain aspects of the research I was doing and that which he was managing.  Who was I to understand so early, that money spoke over the data? I was ‘only’ an MPH where the PhDs and MDs had clout.  I had no voice.  Eventually, I left epidemiology.  I returned to school and earned a PhD in 2008.

The controversies about the New World Order, population control and Covid19 encampments, frighten me.  There are documented articles on numerous doctors and practitioners who have had their license revoked, been censored or suddenly found deceased.  Is there a plan going on behind the scenes that we, the public, just do not know?  Every news and cable station had a viewpoint. Some made sense to me, some did not.  I remember when Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew each made their own feelings known on their respective shows only to be threatened by the sponsors to follow the protocol, apologize to their audience and be in alignment of what they directed to say.   It was the beginning of the trend I in early lockdown.  

We have heard that for each Covid19 diagnosis there is a certain amount of money paid the hospital and for each death, another amount is paid.  Is this true?  I do not know but I have read and heard all over the internet.  How factual is this?

If vaccines bring in billions of dollars to the companies and then they make even more money developing a remedy for the symptoms from the vaccine, the wheel of fortune continues to those in the roles of technology and pharmaceutical advancement. Since Dr. Fauci is on the board of Pfizer, is he really concerned about our health or his wealth?  If all is so correct, why has our First Amendment, our freedom of speech, been taken away? One of the greatest voices and passionate attorneys who fights for health and rights of the people is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Social media platforms have now censored him and removed his various accounts as of February, 2021.    Google, Linked-In, You Tube, Instagram and Facebook censor free speech.  I’ve known broadcasters who have had their pages or accounts closed if they spoke about alternative ideas and theories.  Some opinions are too farfetched to be real.  Other voices are frightening, Who is true? As a former epidemiologist, I can follow the science.  As a metaphysician, I just want balance, harmony and healthy lives for all. Why is more and more not being revealed?  I survived a plane crash in 1981 and became spiritual; I started helping people in different ways.  I just try to do what is right with a positive outlook to help people.  However, I am just as confused as the next person as to whether or not we are being used, played, mislead or lied to.

I walk my dog in a quiet neighborhood and am stunned by the fear of people who immediately cross the street so as not to be close to me.  I recently entered a Staples store and the greeter at the door jumped back so quickly, I asked him what was wrong.  He said he had to be 6’ away.  He acted like he’d seen a ghost.  Do we really need to fear each other now?  Why are some states going against the lockdown and opening up to full capacity of life?  Will the incidence of new cases increase in the next month or so?  Is the pandemic essentially over?  I read somewhere that over 1900 people were testing positive for Covid19 after being vaccinated in Israel.  Certain reports I bookmarked during the last year are no longer online.  Now that the vaccines have arrived, new variants of the virus are in different countries of the world.  These are now here in the United States. Will the current vaccine be effective?  Or, is this some greater plan to manipulate the world into believing we will need another vaccine to protect from each variant?  I don’t know but I am uncomfortable like most people.  

With all the theories, conspiracies, data, science, opinions, movements, confusion and endless questions, I really do not have an answer.  I wonder how much is fact vs. manipulation or is false? Streets are bare, storefronts are empty, unemployment is high.  We need to be cautious, of course; we need to help each other.  We need to get outside.  We need to breathe fresh air.  We need to exercise.  We need to talk and communicate. We need work, food, to be aware of public health and safety.  We need love.  But there is a downside to what we have done while protecting ourselves.  Pfizer is fearing the massive lawsuits and fighting countries like Argentina and Brazil to exchange military bases, bank reserves and embassy building as collateral.  The first case in against mandatory vaccination has been filed in New Mexico.

In addition, isolation has increased alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, domestic violence and eating disorders.  It okay to keep a liquor store open and deliver but it’s not okay to go to a restaurant masked and protected? It surprised me how quickly society moved to online internet apps, forums, Zoom, etc. People play bridge or attend court online. When we could eat outside I was curious how quickly the trend spread so that tents, bamboo utensils, masks, face shields and plastic menus were available.  How did it happen so fast that everyone affected suddenly rebranded and switched to the new online life?

Do I believe in the vaccines? Yes, if there is a need to protect us from infecting one another. I question the other side is in it for profit at our expense.  The science is there, the effectiveness is there, for the most part.    I just do not understand the censorship.  I believe we may be near the end of the pandemic but we may see surges in numbers again.  Will life be as we once knew?  I think not, but we will have a new reality, as we witness its unfolding each week.  

As a humanitarian, I want people to live long, successful lives, full of hope, faith and love for one another. Disease is not partisan.  We are all one.  We are human. If you slit each wrist, you will find we all have red blood.   At this point, I do ask if we are being tampered with? I cannot confirm. I hear opinions, watch TV, Cable and social media like you.  Whatever we have been through during this past year, 2021 feels much better, lighter, happier.  Hope is renewed.  The dark tunnel we were in seems to be lightening up.  Life continues.  How old is planet earth?  We are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Yes, over a half of million people have died.  Was it all from Covid19? Were the numbers accurate?  CDC has changed some of their statements over the year.  I do not know the truth.

Scientifically, and for our own protection, we know what to do.  Yes, get vaccinated, continue to wear a mask and keep your hands clean; common sense is here for all of us.  On a bigger level, is this for public health, profit or population control?  In part, yes, as I learned 40 years ago in research.  I see both sides. I want to live, explore, learn, and do what I love.  Even something simple and harmless as walking my dog.  I want to feel the sun on my skin, breathe the air after a rainfall, live fearlessly for many years to come.  We are on the earth for as long as God allows.  No one wants to be forced into an illness where vaccine companies hold no liability for injury.  Like censorship of many prominent people, the truth is always better than lies. 

The question is will we ever truly know about Covid19?


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