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Each day, the average American uses about 12.1 kilowatt-hours per person. Without putting a second thought into it, many of us burn coal, oil, and natural gas regularly.

Why does this matter?

We use up finite resources that cannot be replenished when we drive, heat our homes, and turn on lights. This type of energy also lets harmful emissions into the air that further climate change and create other issues.

You can help by cutting your consumption. Read on to learn five energy saving tips for the summer!

1. Go Solar

What powers your home? Some people burn fossil fuels without even knowing which resource they are using for power.

Fossil fuel power creates expensive monthly bills and harms the Earth. Wondering how to use less electricity during summer when the sun shines hot?

Switch to Blue Raven Solar energy! Solar panels harness the sun's unlimited energy.

The sun provides a clean source of power. Though upfront costs seem pricey, tax breaks and lower energy bills save you money in the long run.

2. Blow Fans

Nobody wants to sit in a hot, stagnant room during the summer. But air conditioning units use a lot of energy and sometimes make a home uncomfortably cold.

Use fans instead. They use far less energy and work to cool you down.

On extremely hot days, run the ac on low. Still use a fan to move the cool air while saving on energy.

3. Shut the Blinds

Saving energy in summer is as easy as closing your blinds during the day. If you let the sunshine directly into your home, it will naturally heat your house.

Shutting the blinds keeps it reasonably cool without using any energy. This will make give your ac unit a break on super hot days.

If you don't want to block up the house completely, leave the North-facing windows uncovered. These only let in scattered sunlight and will not heat up your home too much.

4. Grill

Cooking food requires energy. So, what is the most eco-friendly way to cook in the summer?

Invest in a gas grill. They put out the least amount of carbon and cook the food efficiently.

Cooking in the over may seem comparable. But, this heats up the house driving you to crank the ac and use more energy overall.

5. HVAC System Maintenance

If you cannot completely give up your AC unit, maintain it at the beginning of the season. A broken system works inefficiently and uses more power.

A professional will check the coils, pump, and more. Paying for this now may save you money on heating bills and run into bigger issues later.

Also, change your air filter. This not only keeps you breathing safe air but also helps your unit work more efficiently.

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Why bother with these energy saving tips for summer? They will save literally everything.

Energy efficiency will cut your energy bill. It will also help keep the Earth healthy to save our future.

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