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SINGAPORE, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HUAWEI AppGallery, the leading app distribution platform, launched the highly-anticipated Idle RPG Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok on mobile devices on 6 September. The game is available for download in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Centered around heroes of the Three Kingdoms such as the great general Guan Yu and the mighty warrior Lu Bu, players will have the chance to roam the Three Kingdoms of the Han dynasty and navigate mythic tales with bravery, cunning and charm.

Developed by GameTimeOut, Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is an immersive fantasy Samkok experience with stunning graphics, exquisite characters, abundant development gameplay, enriched tactics, superb rewards and socialising fun. The unique gameplay system enables heroes to switch factions seamlessly, players have the utmost freedom to tailor their gameplay and experience to their tastes, enriching battle tactics. Diverse development systems also give players control over their characters' growth and enhancement, introducing a new way to direct your gameplay and progress.

"We're very excited that Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok is now within our roster of incredible games. Debuting an innovative new character development style, Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok will open up a world of possibilities in terms of battle tactics and gameplay which I know players will love. I'm happy to welcome Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok to the AppGallery family and excited to see how players interact with these legends," said Rei Xiao, Director of Mobile Ecosystem Business Growth, Huawei APAC Region.

Exquisite Graphics and Socialising Fun for All

With high-quality graphics and gorgeous character designs that bring the heroes to life, Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok allows players to recruit and build an all-star team of Samkok heroes. With hundreds of unique heroes with their own talents to choose from, players get to truly immerse themselves in the Samkok era to fight alongside storied legends throughout history.

Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok also has plenty of options for players who enjoy teamplay. The game supports PVP/PVE/GVG gameplay so players can explore and make friends, fight side-by-side with legion mates or compete on the battlefield.

Download Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok now to win exclusive rewards such as a billion crystal diamonds with which to upgrade your combat power. Daily logins provide superb AFK rewards to enhance your journey, and consecutive 7-day logins can win an exclusive limited-edition skin. 

Download Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok on HUAWEI AppGallery now: https://bit.ly/3PBWXhs[1]

About HUAWEI AppGallery 

AppGallery is the official app market on Huawei smartphones, featuring curated apps across a wide range of categories including games, education, lifestyle, and fashion. In addition, AppGallery users get access to a wide range of exclusive giveaways, rebates, coupons and VIP privileges.  

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Download AppGallery: https://bit.ly/40VRapY[10][9]


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