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AB Tasty Announces EmotionsAI, the Market's First Solution for Detecting Digital Users' Emotional Needs

The Future of Digital Personalization and Experimentation

PARIS, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- AB Tasty announced today the launch of EmotionsAI. This new technology enables customers to use AI-based audience segmentation based on their emotional needs; a unique product that helps brands personalize to customers on an emotional level.

Rémi Aubert and Benoit Allibe at AB Tasty's Paris office Rémi Aubert and Benoit Allibe at AB Tasty's Paris office



This is AB Tasty's first step in leveraging AI to help customers build better digital experiences. EmotionsAI enables customers to achieve better win rates and develop improved methods to personalize the customer experience, which is proven to drive revenue for organizations that can effectively leverage it. EmotionsAI revolutionizes brands' abilities to personalize the customer experience for visitors using the most relevant criterion: emotional need.

"Understanding the needs of customers is critical to achieving commercial success in today's economic landscape," says Alix de Sagazan, Co-CEO and Co-founder of AB Tasty. "They place a high value on experience and personalization, and catering to customers' emotional needs is the best way to meet and exceed their high expectations of customer experience."

The technology comes from AB Tasty's acquisition of Dotaki, a company that has spent 8 years conducting research and psychographic modeling, customer journey mapping, device usage, and AI technology combined with real-time website interactions. Now a feature available within the AB Tasty platform, the impact on win rates of A/B tests is astounding. With EmotionsAI, it is possible to detect a significant impact on revenue in 3 times more A/B tests than without EmotionsAI.

"Emotions drive 80% of decisions," shares Remi Aubert, AB Tasty's Co-CEO and Co-Founder. "With this in mind, EmotionsAI truly pushes the boundaries of digital experiences. Enabling data-driven decisions based on emotional needs enables brands to create a connection with audiences like never before. It places the customer at the heart of digital experiences and means brands can get clear ROI by diving deeper into what works for different emotional types using these analytics."

As AB Tasty used to be a partner with EmotionsAI, clients have already seen a significant impact on revenue. "Thanks to EmotionsAI, we have the ability to detect the emotional needs of visitors and enhance our personalization roadmap" says Maxime Lambertin, UX Project Manager at Jacadi, a leading e-commerce site for children and lifestyle products. "What's more, by combining the use of EmotionsAI with AB Tasty, we increased the business impact of our experimentation campaigns. We have gone from a 30% success rate in tests with a business impact to a 90% success rate, making a significant impact for at least one EmotionsAI segment. EmotionsAI currently contributes 10% to our global revenue."

This announcement comes after AB Tasty's best fiscal year performance to date. Signing new logos such as Air Europa, Chico's FAS, Louboutin and Thomson Reuters, AB Tasty has grown by 200% internationally, ending the 2023 fiscal year with its best-performing quarter of all time. Boasting a complete digital customer experience platform, server-side feature management tools, intelligent site search, product recommendations, and AI-based emotional segmentation, AB Tasty continues to establish itself as a leader in experience optimization.

Find out more: https://www.abtasty.com/emotions-ai/[1]

About AB Tasty AB Tasty is a global leader in AI-powered experience optimization solutions empowering brands using personalization, experimentation, recommendations, and search to build better experiences on their websites and apps.Integrated into a single platform, AB Tasty offers web and API-based solutions that provide companies with a unified approach to creating seamless experiences for customers.Brands use AB Tasty's platform to align digital, e-commerce, and product teams on revenue goals by optimizing and innovating digital experiences. Founded in 2013, AB Tasty's customer roster includes world-leading brands such as Kering, McDonald's, Ulta Beauty, L'Oreal, Disneyland Paris, and LVMH among others. AB Tasty has 12 offices across the globe: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit www.abtasty.com[2].

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