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  • Heineken® announce their global partnership with Formula 1® has been extended for a further five years until 2027, fuelled by the phenomenal recent growth in the sport's fanbase
  • Announcement follows recent agreements with Max Verstappen and Oracle Red Bull Racing
  • F1® statistics show their total social following has skyrocketed by 23% from 2021
  • The rapid growth has fuelled Heineken®'s partnership extension, with the Dutch beer brand set to target this new fanbase with their responsible consumption messaging, and the world's most popular zero-alcohol beer, Heineken® 0.0
  • The extension will also see more entertainment for fans as Heineken® and Formula 1® combine to create showstopping performances on and off the track. Dutch superstar DJ & producer Martin Garrix has also joined Heineken® to bring the entertainment to races starting with the Grand Prix in Canada 

AMSTERDAM, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Heineken® remains in pole position as a F1® global partner, re-signing a global sponsorship extension for a further five years driven by the sport's phenomenal growth in a broader demographic of fans.


Originally signed in 2016, the renewed partnership will focus on engaging the sport's expanding generations of fans in meaningful and creative ways, promoting responsible consumption and providing world-class entertainment moments to showcase that F1® weekends are so much more than a race. This includes the signing of Dutch superstar DJ & producer Martin Garrix to deliver a series of showstopping performances with Heineken® across the season, starting at the Grand Prix in Canada.

The growing popularity of the sport has seen F1's total social media following explode by 23% since 2021, totalling 60.6 million, with significant growth in markets such as the USA which specifically saw a 42% boost from 2021.

This incredible growth of more diverse fans coming into the sport has furthered Heineken®'s motivation to extend their partnership with F1®. The Dutch beer brand has a clear focus on targeting this new audience with their responsible consumption messaging, including the launch of their new gaming initiative – Player 0.0, created with Heineken® 0.0 ambassador Max Verstappen. These campaigns in collaboration with F1® will continue to focus on promoting the world's most popular zero-alcohol beer, Heineken® 0.0; the perfect pairing for a race weekend.

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula One, said "Since our partnership with Heineken began in 2016, they have been an incredible partner that has focussed on delivering world-class events for all our fans that encompass the very best of sport and entertainment, and have become a key part of the race weekend. The work that Heineken is doing to promote responsible drinking, remains as important to us as the experiences they create for our fans, old and new, and we look forward to enhancing that throughout this season and beyond."

Dolf van den Brink, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Executive Board at Heineken®, said "F1®'s rapidly growing, ever-changing fanbase was one of the many reasons why we extended our partnership. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to continue delivering world-class fan experiences, while also developing our responsible consumption messages to an increasingly engaged and relevant audience. With the Heineken® Silver Las Vegas race later this year set to be a highlight, 2023 is going to be the most exhilarating season yet!"

With F1®'s meteoric rise in popularity, Heineken® will be creating experiences to meet the followers' expectations; continuing to entertain fans across the globe and showcasing that F1® is 'more than a race'. It is a 72-hour spectacle of energy and unique atmosphere, taking place in some of the world's greatest cities.

World-renowned DJ & producer Martin Garrix said: "I'm super excited to team up with Heineken®️ to celebrate at some of the most anticipated races of the season. The energy and atmosphere at the track are unmatched, and I can't wait to perform for racing fans all over the world!''

Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of Heineken® Brand said: "Leading on from our recent deals with Max Verstappen and Oracle Red Bull Racing, we're incredibly happy to announce this extension to our long-running partnership with Formula One. These deals continue developing our wider strategy to be the number one brand for engaging and entertaining sports fans across the globe, while promoting responsible consumption. Pairing this with our signing of global superstar DJ & producer Martin Garrix for some of the biggest races in the calendar is the perfect way for us to provide unforgettable moments across race weekends."

Since entering the world of motorsport in 2016, Heineken® has been committed to real change around attitudes towards drink driving and re-launched their 'When You Drive, Never Drink' campaign back in May 2022. Heineken® will continue to innovate through their marketing campaigns with F1®, with their 2023 'When You Drive, Never Drink' creative coming soon. On top of this, Heineken® has committed to investing 10%+ of all media budgets to support responsible consumption programmes. 




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