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This heightened sensory experience explained by neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis has been brought to life through international artists at an immersive gallery in Shanghai

LONDON, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The release of The Singleton 40-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky delivers the third and final chapter in a series of exceptional whiskies, an epicurean journey of flavour by The Singleton of Glen Ord Distillery. A highly limited release, this is a deeply decadent whisky with notes of velvet dark chocolate and rich plums. Its layers of flavour are so indulgent that it has inspired the exploration of 'Sensorial Maximalism[1]' as a new theory in neuroaesthetics on how to achieve superlative taste experiences.

DECADENT NEW 40-YEAR-OLD EXPRESSION FROM THE SINGLETON INSPIRES 'SENSORIAL MAXIMALISM' The Singleton 40-Year-Old, a decadent new expression from The Singleton inspires Sensorial Maximalism


The Singleton creates visionary, exceptional Scotch whiskies with unequalled flavour, pushing boundaries of taste to create malts with outstanding depth and harmony. A pioneer through her experimentation and craft, revered Master of Malt Maureen Robinson pushed the boundaries to create this whisky, bringing us on a journey into decadence through a 28- year secondary maturation, the longest by the distillery.

Maureen Robinson explains: "The Singleton 40-Year-Old is the finale in the Epicurean Odyssey series from The Singleton, one which I've thoroughly enjoyed crafting and have drawn on my own personal journey of flavour from my career as a whisky maker. At the end of this very extensive secondary maturation we sought out specially selected Ron Zacapa XO casks for a final indulgent finish to the whisky, which deliver an intensely rich, fruity and smooth finish to bring deep notes of dark chocolate. The result: a whisky that epitomises my desire to seek out new flavour through craft, and a whisky at its most maximal."

Taking as inspiration the incredible craftsmanship and indulgent character of The Singleton 40-Year-Old, three global multidisciplinary artists, curated by AlterProjects and in association with Yoko Choy, created unique works which investigated the elements of mastery by Maureen Robinson and whisky-makers at The Singleton. The talented artists, Zhou Yilun, Found Studio and Moodsonic brought maturation time, craft and the richness of the spirit to life through the interpretation of 'Flow', 'Collision' and 'Richness'.

Neuroscientist Katherine Templar Lewis also influenced the development of these artworks. Inspired by the richness of this rare single malt and its journey of flavour, she explored 'Sensorial Maximalism' as a new neuroscientific theory, where our sensorial consciousness can be heightened through the curation of our external environment. This then prepares us for the most superlative tasting experience possible.

The works of the three artists were informed not only by Katherine Templar Lewis's research, and intended to contribute to this heightened sensory state, but were also inspired by the story of The Singleton 40-Year-Old.  Malt Master Maureen Robinson set out to push secondary maturation in experimental casks to the extreme, and then layer on further deliberate enhancements to create The Singleton's most indulgent whiskies ever.

These artworks formed the basis of an immersive gallery experience in Shanghai, named The Rooms of Maximalism, where guests journeyed through rooms delivering precise stimulation for the five senses and beyond, to reach this heightened state of Sensorial Maximalism, before the very first tastings globally of The Singleton 40-Year-Old.

The experience included the unveiling of a large-scale physical piece created by Zhou Yilun, exploring the collision between liquid and casks. There were also areas of sensory deprivation, sonically induced ASMR through a soundscape designed by Moodsonic and moving digital art by Found Studio, deploying movement at varying speeds, specially designed to bring guests into a flow state, alongside a range of touchable textures all building on the guests' sensorial experience.

Zhou Yilun said: "Through a single, grandiose sculptural installation, I sought to capture the collision of liquid and wood present in The Singleton 40-year-old whisky. With my material, I aimed to mimic the texture and sensation of whisky flowing through the cask and onto the tongue. By layering paint and using brushstrokes of various hues, I sought to depict the interlacing and textural complexity of the whisky's multiple layers of flavour. It is my hope that the sculpture embodies the sensorial experience of the liquid for the viewer."

Moodsonic composer Tomas Nordmark commented: "The sound that we hear around us changes how we taste, touch, feel and smell, so it's the perfect way to create rich, immersive, maximalist experiences. We set out to create a unique composition that simultaneously celebrates and enhances the tasting experience of this exceptional whisky. Using the neuroscientific theories laid out by Katherine Templar Lewis, we designed sound that will intensify flavours like velvety chocolate for those tasting."

Katherine Templar Lewis said: "Neuroaesthetics tells us how outside influences can heighten our senses and prime them to create the ultimate tasting experience. Through deploying various tactics which affect the five senses and beyond, individuals can achieve this state of Sensorial Maximalism before they enjoy The Singleton 40-Year-Old. In addition to my research and collaboration with some incredible artists through The Singleton 40-Year-Old, I've also created a guide on how individuals can strive for this experience at home."

Katherine Templar Lewis has offered certain steps for individuals to add to their pre-tasting preparation should they be about to enjoy a dram of The Singleton 40-Year-Old or any other of The Singleton's range of whiskies at home. Follow the link [2][3]to see the guide.

This irresistibly rich, rare single malt makes an indulgent addition to any whisky collection and is the perfect gift for a connoisseur of fine food and wine. The Singleton 40-Year-Old will be available globally from selected retailers, for more information visit[4]. The Recommended Retail Selling Price is £3,300 including UK Duty and Taxes and $3,755 excluding Duty and Taxes.


Further imagery can be found in the link here[5] and to watch a short video on The Singleton 40-Year-Old and Sensorial Maximalism, visit the link here[6].

Discover more at @TheSingletonWhisky[7] and @DiageoRareandExceptional[8] Instagram channels

About The Singleton 40-Year-Old

The Singleton 40-Year-Old is the finale of the Epicurean Odyssey Series, born to embody this singular ambition in the pursuit of amazing taste through pioneering craft and experimentation. The series is a result of Maureen Robinson's unparalleled vision combined with exceptional craft on a journey to explore the realms of possibility for the world's best taste experiences.

Upon tasting The Singleton 40-Year-Old, whisky aficionado Charles Maclean described it as: "A gloriously multi-layered expression of The Singleton of Glen Ord: expert finishing has brought the aromas together in an unusually rich and luscious form, whilst retaining a delightful complexity of taste."


ABV: 45.9%

RRSP (GBP): £3,300 (including UK Duty & Taxes)

RRSP (USD): $3,755 (excluding Duty & Taxes)

RELEASE VOLUME: 1,716 bottles, 70cl

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE EPICUREAN ODYSSEY RANGE: The Singleton 38-Year-Old, The Singleton 39-Year-Old


Appearance: Deep amber with copper lights.

Nose: The nose is mellow, with a little prickle at first; fruity top notes hint at dried apple and are soon backed by a more savoury aroma evoking sage, while richer hints of fruit, suggesting plums enrobed in dark chocolate, sit on a balancing base of sweetly spicy oak, with light aromas of hard toffee and oak shavings. A drop of water introduces a wisp of waxy smoke.

Body: Light to medium.

Palate: At natural strength, the texture is decadently smooth and lightly waxy while the taste starts sweet, vibrant and very fruity, becoming slightly salty and plum sour mid-palate. Complex layers of flavour suggest pears slathered indulgently in dark chocolate and caramelised tropical fruits, as with toffee-covered banana and pineapple. Beautifully balanced and super-smooth, with sustained rich, sweet fruitiness balanced by slow-building black pepper. Velvet smooth dark chocolate tannins herald an appetising drying note. A drop of water emphasises the fruit and softens the spice, bringing out a mouth-cooling aftertaste.

Finish: Quite long, deep-flavoured and lightly drying, with black pepper spice and another hint of waxy smoke.


Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across the spirits and beer categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Buchanan's and Windsor whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray and Guinness. Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.


Zhou Yilun 周轶伦

Zhou Yilun (b. 1983), an Hangzhou-based artist, earned a BFA in Oil Painting from the China Academy of Art in 2006. His diverse portfolio encompasses painting, installation, sculpture, and mixed media, all of which centre on exploring the potential of ordinary materials and drawing inspiration from everyday objects. Zhou's style evokes both prehistoric and futuristic elements, seeking to strike a balance between the tangible quality of materials and the aesthetic tension of industrial production. The resulting distorted and dreamlike reality establishes a visceral and emotional connection between the viewer and the artwork. His work has been exhibited in various cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Zurich, showcasing his ability to engage audiences across cultural boundaries with his unique creative vision.


Moodsonic works to advance the soundscape state of art. We explore how sound changes our brains, bodies and sensory experiences in the built environment with an approach that combines design, technology and science. Our soundscapes can be heard in a range of spaces, from exhibition venues to workplaces and healthcare around the world.

Moodsonic is collaborating with Swedish artist, composer and sound designer Tomas Nordmark. Nordmark's work has featured in public installations, exhibitions, film and theatre. His projects are investigations into both the humanities and the natural sciences.[9][10] 

IG - @tomasnordmark

Found Studio

Extraordinary visual content for the world's most discerning brands. We're artists and storytellers who fuse 3D motion design with film craft and technology to create content that's imaginative, innovative and impactful.[11] 

Instagram/Twitter @found_studio


An Oxford educated neuroscientist, Katherine connects creative and science ecosystems and thinking. With an extensive background across genetics, neuroscience and cognitive psychology, she creates cross-discipline teams and dialogue to align and embed scientific insight into experiences, products, and creative processes. She is a pioneering 'reality hacker' accelerating cutting-edge research from the lab into the world through artistic and creative collaboration. At the intersection of lived experience and evidence-based design and affiliated to some of the top academic institutions and labs worldwide.


AlterProjects are curators, strategists, cultural placemakers and producers with a passion for storytelling, design and innovation. Specialised in the ideation and execution of unique cultural programming across the world, AlterProjects connects Brands, districts, property developers and institutions with designers and artists. Founded by Anne-Laure Pingreoun, AlterProjects work with exceptionally creative talents to find new ways of developing disruptive and unconventional content and experiences.[12] @alterprojects_

Anne Pingreon of AlterProjects said: "We have created a sensorial storytelling installation that aims to create new core memories, where every visitor has a unique and personal experience, full of flavour and rich in emotions. As curators, we believe in creating emotions through art and culture, while celebrating the beautiful narrative at the root of inspiration behind this whisky."

In collaboration with Yoko Choy - CO-CURATOR for COLLISION ROOM

Yoko Choy, China Editor, Wallpaper* magazine; Co-founder, Collective Contemporist.

Born in Hong Kong, Yoko Choy is an experienced design journalist; her work to date has been published in numerous international titles and she is currently the China editor of Wallpaper* magazine (global edition). Yoko is also a highly regarded communications consultant, whose clients include fair organisers, brands and creative studios. Currently based in Hong Kong and Amsterdam, she views East-meets-West as more than just an alignment of two aesthetic visions; her mission, as a multilingual and multicultural creative commentator and communicator, is to translate the knowledge and insights from both worlds into a common creative language and to raise awareness of the importance of cross-cultural exchange in the creative industry and businesses. To this end, Yoko co-founded Collective Contemporist in 2018, a creative consultancy with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, to stimulate and inspire conversations and collaborations between the two spheres.


Photo - -[13][14]

DECADENT NEW 40-YEAR-OLD EXPRESSION FROM THE SINGLETON INSPIRES 'SENSORIAL MAXIMALISM' The Singleton 40-Year-Old launch in Zhangyuan, Shanghai, Gary Gan with artworks by Found Studio



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