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BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Announced by CMC Pictures, THE WANDERING EARTH 2, the sequel to the China's Highest Grossing Sci-Fi Film which has earned nearly 700 million dollars in box office worldwide, has set its release date in Australia & New Zealand on January 22, same as mainland China.

The Date Announcement Poster of THE WANDERING EARTH 2 The Date Announcement Poster of THE WANDERING EARTH 2

THE WANDERING EARTH 2 is based on a novel of Cixin Liu, one of the most renowned Sci-Fi authors in China for his best-selling book THE THREE BODY PROBLEM, which has been adapted into a TV series helmed by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Producers of the GAME OF THRONES) and about to be on air on NETFLIX in 2023.

The film is again directed by Frant Gwo, starring by Wu Jing, Li XueJian, Sha Yi, Ning Li, Wang Zhi, Zhuyan Manzi, special starring by Andy Lau. Director Frant Gwo said that THE WANDERING EARTH 2 was not only shot in China, but also took place in Iceland, New York and many other countries and areas. The visual effects of THE WANDERING EARTH 2 have also reached a next level, the texture of mountains, rocks and vegetation are all more real compared to the previous film.

The background of the film is set in the future when the sun is about to turn into a red giant, swelling to a size so big that might consume the Earth. To avoid a fiery end, human decides to construct thousands of giant thrusters to propel our home planet to another galaxy. While the first film mainly focuses on Earth's journey escaping from the solar system, THE WANDERING EARTH 2 will depict the controversy over "The Wandering Earth Plan" before everything happens.

THE WANDERING EARTH was distributed by CMC Pictures in North America, Australia, and New Zealand in 2019. It has achieved a phenomenal commercial performance back then and set a new box office record for Chinese films in the last decade. At present, the industry generally believes that THE WANDERING EARTH 2 is the top seed of China's Lunar New Year box office race in 2023. It will remain a topic of interest that whether the film could create a new breakthrough for Chinese films in the international market.

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