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BRESCIA, Italy, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For the second year in a row, the 1000 Miglia[1] restarts its engines as summer approaches. From Wednesday, June 15 to Saturday, June 18, 425 extraordinary cars will revive the myth of the Red Arrow on the roads of Italy, crossing some 250 municipalities for nearly 2,000 kilometers in four days.

A Mille Miglia Car A Mille Miglia Car

The 1000 Miglia 2022 will return to travel clockwise across Italy, starting and finishing in Brescia after legs in Cervia-Milano Marittima, Rome and Parma.

On Wednesday, June 15, crews will leave Brescia in the direction of Lake Garda before heading south and descending to the Adriatic Sea. Dinner during the race in the Teatro Comunale in Ferrara and conclusion of the leg in Cervia-Milano Marittima.

On Thursday, June 16, the cars will climb the hairpin bends leading to San Marino, descend to Urbino continuing to Rome, arriving with the parade in Via Veneto.

On Friday, June 17, the Race will cross four regions-Lazio, Tuscany, with a stop for lunch in Piazza del Campo in Siena, then Liguria and Emilia Romagna ending in Parma.

On Saturday 18, the Race will pass through the Autodromo di Monza and Bergamo and conclude in Brescia.

On the sporting side, eyes are on the defending champion, Andrea Vesco, triumphant in 2020 and 2021.


  • Nearly 2,000 km
  • 257 locations
  • 115 Time Trials
  • 17 Time Controls
  • 8 Average Trials


  • 425 cars
  • 71 cars took part in the historic 1000 Miglia 1927-57
  • The first 10 starting cars will be "665 SUPERBA" OM (winner car of the 1927 1000 Miglia)
  • Two examples of ALFA 8c 2003 return to Brescia after participating in the 1932 1000 Miglia
  • 9 examples of OSCA (7 of these participated in 1000 Miglia 1927-57) will leave grouped together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the House
  • 19 Ferrari and 6 Maserati racing cars
  • Most represented automaker: Alfa Romeo with 50 cars


  • 1000 MIGLIA GREEN (full electric) CARS.8 cars


  • AUTO FERRARI TRIBUTE 1000 MIGLIA (Modern Ferrari)111 cars


  • AUTO 1000 MIGLIA EXPERIENCE (Supercar)12 cars



  • 29 Nations
  • 324 participants from Italy, 133 from the Netherlands, 70 from the U.S., 66 from Germany[2]

PDF -[3]






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