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Emerging star and Vocal powerhouse, Presley Tennant is celebrating the holidays with herdebut Christmas song release. After spending 2019 competing on NBC's the Voice, writing nd recording, and performing throughout the nited States, she is bringing the year to a close in grand fashion with the release of her highly anticipated and soon to be Holiday Classic, “Christmas Time USA.”

The song, penned by the hit holiday music writing team Eckart Torres, was recorded and produced at the renowned Village Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Eckart Torres has also incorporated the song into the Holiday stage show Christmas Lights currently in pre-production and slated for a 2020 launch.

From Presley: “I wanted to do something traditional sounding but not the same old holiday songs that everyone else records over and over, year after year.  When I first heard this song I knew it was right for me. I thought to myself, now THIS is a singers song! It’s fun, upbeat, lively and I loved the message about the USA. I knew I could deliver what it takes to make it my own.”  

The song, Christmas Time USA centers around the story of how everyone throughout the world celebrates the holidays differently and in their own unique way, yet no one does like we do here in the good ‘ole USA.  It is a Christmas anthem for the USA and a set to be a New Holiday Classic.

Presley will be performing Christmas Time USA live at upcoming events throughout the country starting in December.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and everywhere.

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