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New reason for “Is There Meaning?” to be re-released and brought into the present came due to the rapid growth of  global pandemics, creating greater reason for Aussie husband and wife team, skinsNbones, to continue pumping out their  style of hard-hitting music that delivers rockNroll messages, using skinsNbones olSkool rock N nuSkool roll to help educate  and raise awareness through music. 

Now, in 2022, “Is There Meaning?” is once again using real life rockNroll experiences to bring important matters to light, highlighting some big gaps in ‘the system’ that many can relate to, that can be easily remedied for better global well-being  for all. The new revealing video is as up close and personal as real life in the current world can be, including the big reveal  of Bones, and the graphic reality of living with ME/CFS, a form of Long Covid, better known as ‘chronic fatigue’ (& pain) – a  devastating illness that millions around the globe live with, with little about it known. The video contains some basic  physics and bodily biomechanics to assist with ME/CFS, and other supporting science videos for “Is There Meaning?” 2022  video have been created to help understand the complex global pandemics and associated diseases and symptoms effecting so many. 

The differing videos clearly show the mulit-dimensional “meanings” within the song – how the lyrics can fit over many different life stages or moments in life. Bones lyrical style is very non-poetic, using simple words with multiple definitions and meanings to many different people, definitions that can change over time. Creating a myriad of meanings is how “Is  There Meaning?” connects with as many different people possible, at many differing stages of life, for many differing life  events.  

“Is There Meaning?” asks one of life’s big questions and the answer will mean many different things to many different  people due to uniqueness of being and feelings at that time. Again, the lyrics can be read differently, depending on  punctuation, a form of emotion, e.g.: “Is there meaning? Is there meaning?” can mean: “Is there? Meaning is there.  Meaning?” or “You think you can hurt me. You don’t understand.” can be: “You think you can hurt me? You don’t.  Understand?” Other than question marks “?” skinsNbones lyric videos use little to no punctuation for this reason. 

The unusual yet olSkool anthemic rock arrangement of “Is There Meaning?” is typical of skinsNbones’ heavy rockNroll, and  this collaboration of musos deliver a song described as “an anthem for the down and out.” The confronting lyrics are a  strong point of the song: “You’re seeing calm. You think it’s armour on. You’re just looking at all the scars I wear”, as are the powerhouse vocals, thumping rhythm and driving guitars skinsNbones is known for, with “Is There Meaning?” being  called “a sonic juggernaut” 

“Is There Meaning?” is Part I of “The Trilogy” EP – a three-part rockNroll journey using three true stories, in song – tales of  change and growth towards greater well-being for all. Each song stands alone yet when joined together, in order, empower and enlighten more. The success of skinsNbones’ previous singles in “The Trilogy” gave good reason to re release Part I – “Is There Meaning?. “There’s Reason” – Part II, and “Forever On” – Part III of “The Trilogy”, both charted in  Top 10 Global Rock and Independent Charts, with “Forever On” hitting No.2 and staying in the charts over 6 months and  being submitted to The Grammys for nomination. “Is There Meaning” hit No.7 in a Top 10 Global Indie Chart the first week  of release, so all three singles from skinsNbones EP “The Trilogy” are Global Indie Top 10 Charting hits. 

“There’s Reason” is the perception changing stage, still peaceIN the puzzle of life together and starting to see bigger  pictures more clearly, plus finding different ways to look at them. A moderately paced track, with enough energy to  keep things moving and plenty of time to give each instrument its moment in the sun. The vocals are a high point,  with a strong and gritty authenticity to them, as much as the heartfelt hard rock ethos of skinsNbones. 

The up tempo “Forever On” is the journey’s last phase that turns into an adventure, that has always been your life, where  all is embraced, even any big waves in the flow, becoming fully at peace and loving what has always been the ride of your  life. The highly impactful video for this song questions, “What would the world be like without mental dis-ease?” and  shows the post humous mental dis-eases and diagnoses of the five greatest and most influential scientists of all time - Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla.


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VIDEO: Is There Meaning? - 2022 Video

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