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When it comes to travel, it’s obvious that the most cost-effective option is to backpack. And while it may not be the most romantic or glamorous way to see the world there is no denying that it is an effective one.

If you are interested to see the world and like the idea of backpacking but aren’t sure where to start, below are some tips which can help!

Transport at Your Destination

One of the most expensive aspects of travel is the cost of transport when you reach your destination. The primary reason for this is simply because tourists are often quoted unnecessarily high prices when attempting to take local transport options such as taxis.

To avoid this, stick to using public transport as much as you can. If this means getting on a rickety bus from 30 minutes instead of a 5 minutes taxi ride, then consider the time well spent after you realize just how much money you saved by taking the bus! Similarly, if you see any other local forms of transport, be sure to take them as your first option and leave a taxi as a last resort.


After travel services, food is the next biggest line item on a travel budget. Your best bet is going to be to avoid any signs or logos which look familiar. The reason for this is because, if it’s familiar, then it isn’t local This means that the store will charge you and expect to make products in your home country’s currency, or even more expensive than it would have been before you left.

Instead, there are two great options.

The first is to eat only local and street food. The best way to find the right food is to look for the longest line as this is the best sign that they sell delicious food at a good price. However, before you line up, be sure to make your way to the front of the line to double-check that your stomach can handle what you will buy once it’s your turn to order.

If you aren’t a fan of street food, an uber eats coupon from Groupon Coupons will be your best option. By using modern services like this which can offer you ratings and opinions, you can ensure that you receive food which you not only enjoy but which you are confident won’t cause your stomach any problems.

Make Friends

Of course, along the way, there will be opportunities to meet people and to go on adventures with locals. While it’s important to stay safe while you travel, it’s also important that you undertake safe adventures.

For this reason, look to make friends with people who you feel comfortable with. The reason for this is because locals make the best tour guides and will often be more than happy to take you around their town or country without the costs you would expect to pay for a formal tour guide.

Traveling the world is a great way to expand your mind and doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. If you are interested in seeing the world but your budget doesn't allow it, keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have a great vacation while still returning home with enough money to pay rent and buy food!

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